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The International Association of Black Triathletes (IABT) is the only International African American and Women Owned

Non-profit Charitable organization in the multisport industry, headquartered in Baltimore, MD. IABT Multisport Racing is the only African American and Women Owned Multisport Racing Company in the country. IABT / IABT Multisport Racing organizations joint efforts serve as a pipeline of opportunity for all including adults, but especially black youth and those living in urban communities. IABT / IABT Multisport Racing joint goals remain to educate and to increase participation in the sport as well as provide opportunities to work in the multisport industry. The multisport industry has untapped possibilities for black youth and those living in urban communities.


The International Association of Black Triathletes (formerly known as Black Triathletes – a Private Social Group) is a

501(c)3 nonprofit charitable organization founded in 2012, however in 2014 co-founders (Dr. Tekemia Dorsey, Keisha Ragoobir, Jeremy Gordon, and Alexandria Williams) decided to shift the Private Social Media Group into an organization. There was a need in the multisport industry for African Americans not being met and the goal was to assist in addressing these issues. In 2015, co-founder/Executive Director, Dr. Tekemia Dorsey wanted to enhance the organization’s focus and IABT established its non profit charitable status. Over the years, the organization’s co-founders have parted ways but Dorsey remained steadfast in the organization’s efforts in meeting and exceeding the mission and vision through partnerships, community programs, projects, and services. IABT was named one of 2018 Great Nonprofits TOP-RATED Nonprofits.

The goal of IABT/IABT Multisport Racing TRI Conference/EXPO*Event is to educate and to increase awareness of the untapped opportunities possibilities in the multisport industry and through multisport events, for example college opportunities, careers, internships, and sporting engagement, just to name a few for black youth and those living in urban communities. 


IABT/IABT Multisport Racing long term vision is to provide job and internship opportunities in the multisport industry to urban communities and black youth while increasing participation in multisport events, leveraging college opportunities, etc. 

Learn more about IABT at www.theiabt.com

Organization's Overview

IABT / IABT Multisport Racing Youth & Junior Tri-Conference® / Expo*Event
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IABT/IABT Multisport Racing
617 Middle River Rd
Middle River, MD 21220  
Office: (443) 267 - 8783
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